Josefov Summer School

Josefov Summer School 2020
Exercises: war and pacifism.

July 2020


Josefov Summer School 2020

Exercises: War and Pacifism

Accelerating climate crisis made the rise of authoritarian regimes and neofascist movements, as well as the threat of global economical crisis caused by neoliberal system, experienced for a long time, even more urgent. State of exception became permanent experience for many social groups as well as the key category of critical theory for understanding processes we’re witnessing.

The fourth edition of Josefov Summer School will be devoted to the question of war and pacifism. In the context of the ongoing wars, and those, we’re constantly threatened with, military imaginery and vocabulary became an important part of political, public and even academic discourse. 

We're aiming at collective reflection upon the different, hegemonic and subversive, ways of using military concepts. But we want also to examine anti-war, pacifist practices as a radical alternative, challenging normalisation of militarism, that has become part of our cultural, social and political background.

The international postdisciplinary summer school is focused on relations between diverse practices in field of aesthetics, politics, performance and public space. Our aim is to combine different methods, approaches and theories in order to critically examine issues such as:

  • military dimension of environmental crisis: environmental effects of military conflicts, state of exception as a strategy of fighting the climate crisis, war caused by climate change, eco-fascism
  • aesthetic and performative dimensions of militarism, war and violence
  • war and economics: economic costs of militarism, war as a way of increasing GDP, who profits from military conflicts  
  • figure of partisan, idea of militant knowledge - military vocabulary of social sciences and humanities
  • space and material infrastructure in the war: cities under sieges, ruins, fortress, shelters, camps
  • pacifist imaginery: institutions, social relations, practices, ways of life in world without militarism 

The workshop is organised by the Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno in partnership with the Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc and Institute of Polish Culture, Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw. It will take place in Jaroměř-Josefov, East Bohemia in first half of July 2020 (the exact date will be specified in March).

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