CO.LABS | DIE LIKE A COUNTRY / residency performance Gemma Hansson Carbone /

29. 5. 2023

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DIE LIKE A COUNTRY is a trans-disciplinary project curated by the internationally awarded artist Gemma Hansson Carbone. The project, which crosses different practices and sciences (walking, architecture, cartography, archeology, performing arts, anthropology and poetry), is structured around a text written by the contemporary author Dimitris Dimitriadis, and the figure of the Angelus Novus that Walter Benjamin described in his homonymous essay dated 1940.

The project connects the path of the performance artist Gemma Hansson Carbone and the Phd’s research program of the architect Vasilis Mavrianos. Mavrianos’ doctoral thesis focuses on the search for the form of an intangible architecture, through the performing arts.


Walking together

The practice of walking - and that of walking together - activates a special engagement of the senses, as well as of the spirit. It has a long historical and social excursus, from the primordial wanderers in the very first ages of humanity, to the many and various holy pilgrimages around the world, arriving at the desperate migrations towards the hope of a better life.

The performance starts at 19.30 in streets of Brno. Please register

Details about project here.

(Text: Co.labs)

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